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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  May 23, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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rain, slow-moving thunderstorms moved to the northwest from the areas of the bay northwestern across sections of arlington county. bethesda, silver spring around northeast washington getting heavy rains as well. all of this drifting to the northwest. the most important headlines for you is northern prince william county, you still have another area of flash flood warning. almost 1 inch of rain in chevy chase. showers and storms will diminish as we had through over nine hours tomorrow. another chance of showers and storms. a lot more coming up. >> also tonight, another campaign aide to vinson gray is facing federal charges. >> howard brooks was charged with making false statements to
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the fbi. it comes one day after thomas gore pleaded guilty to obstructing evidence. >> all this activity took place while the mayor was at a shopping center convention in las vegas. he arrived this morning. when he arrived for his only public event of the day he seemed shaken. mayor break came to a previous schedule the event, but reporters were focused on one issue. charges against his campaign aides and what that means for his future. >> i will not talk about this today because it is a pending investigation. we will let it unfold as it well. i have already answered questions. >> and other great campaign realist howard brooks was charged with making a false statement. it involves the candidate who
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verbally abused during the debates. brown started telling reporters that howard brooks paid him to be on the attack. this comes one day after thomas gore, in another of his campaign aides, pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice for destroying a notebook of payments made to brown. mayor gray, it is a rough welcome home with a residence looking at his man howard brooks who is in trouble. >> he is covering up for the mir. i think so. i think the mayor is involved. >> howard brooks is expected to plead guilty for lying to the
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fbi. it is believed to be brooks who wore a wire and trapped thomas gore who pleaded guilty yesterday. in the past gray said he did not know anything about it. today he said he would not comment. brown issued a statement saying mayor barry should resign immediately if not sooner. >> thank you. we have more on this story. we will keep you updated on the latest scandal on our web site >> a nationally recognized tae kwan doe instructor is charged. he runs a martial arts school. a former student accused him of an appropriately touching him in between 2003 and 2005. detectives found another student
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who he allegedly had sexual contact with. >> the trial of a woman got under way in prince george's county today. she is charged of hitting pettigrew i n2010. littleford says she thought she hit a deer and kept going. pettigrerw's family disputed that. >> to the formation of the secret service scandal. the man in charge talk for the first time in public about the incident in south america. mark sullivan got a grilling from lawmakers. we also learned about previous issues involving the agency's passed with protecting the president. scott thuman has more.
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>> what if by allegedly bringing prostitutes into the hotel rooms, they somehow put the president's safety at risk. he insisted today that did not happen. he had to apologize for multiple -- >> g-20 alcohol -- i do not know the environment, these individuals did some really dumb things. >> and one of the more rare apologies these senators have heard, there is no excuse for a dozen agents allegedly party in the with prostitutes day before. >> i cannot explain why they would have done what they did. >> i continue to believe that the problem is broader than you believe it to be. >> especially in light of recent news reports. >> sexual encounters have been condoned under an unwritten
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code. >> the notion this kind of behavior or is condoned or authorized is absurd. >> senators pointed to five other incidents in the last five years including three allegations of inappropriate conduct with a foreign national one contact with a prostitute and one of non consensual sex. new guidelines for agents on the road and replacing supervisors with higher ranking ones. summery as bureaucratic babysitters. >> we do need to have supervision. >> you have agents. you have agents in charge of agents. >> at least two of the agents who have lost their jobs are challenging their ousting. this investigation is far from over. there are conducting their own review and says it will likely take through the summer. >> while prostitution is legal
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and parts of colombia, as many as three military members have been included in the scandal. >> and now, to the race for the white house. following winds and kentucky and arkansas, mitt romney is one primary short of clinching the nomination. he was in the district speaking to the latino coalition. he is 79 delegates shy. it is expected he will reach that number tuesday night when primary voters go to the polls and texas. >> nancy reagan is recovering after following -- falling from her california home. word of her fall was not made public until yesterday. she was expected to attend a speech from paul ryan at the presidential library but she did not show up.
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she is 90 years old. cox much more ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00 including the worst drivers in the d.c. area. who are they? squawks some experts say ocean city is the place to be in the upcoming summer beach season. >> investors are making it clear they no longer like facebook.
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>> we continue with a number of new problems for facebook stock. >> the stock has been on the market for five days and is not doing too well. investigators are suing facebook. they are looking into whether the initial public offering was conducted fairly. rebecca cooper has the numbers. cox critics thought facebook was overvalued for a company who does not know how to make big advertising bucks. today it closed at $32.13 a share. that is well below the original price. >> would investors who once wanted and say they're glad they missed out on the ipo.
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>> i saw all people on wall street were getting first dibs on the action. i felt that was not there and i was missing out. i am glad i missed out. >> investors in california filed a class-action lawsuit alleging facebook hid facts about future revenue. nasdaq is being sued saying they lost money due to the technical which -- technical glitches. regulators have issued subpoenas for morgan stanley officials wanting to know if the lead bank gave top investors an exclusive heads up for an earnings forecast. >> we have a different set of facts and the affirmation and analysis from the average retail a investor. yes, that is troubling. >> they say they want answers. >> there are issues we need to look at. >> senate banking committee officials say they have not
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launched a formal investigation but there are looking closely at the offering and the complaints from investors. neither facebook or morgan stanley officials are speaking publicly about the lawsuits or investigations but to both companies issued statements they think the suits are without merit. >> coming up next, it is starting to feel like summer. >> a long with it, some thunderstorms are in the forecast. doug hill has the latest. >> i have the redskins, hockey, and more. but the highlights have to be the nationals and phillies.
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>> where are the worst drivers in the d.c. area? >> that depends on where you drive. a new poll says drivers in the district are the worst followed by maryland and virginia.
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a poll shows a clear rivalry between a virginia and maryland when it comes to finger- pointing. the top pet peeve is taxing the and talking on cell phones while behind the wheel. >> that is the absolute worst. some local economists say the beach season could be the best in a few years. the higher gas prices will actually benefit ocean city by keeping residents close to home. it makes sense. >> i do not know if it is raining in ocean city right now. >> let's start with a time lapse from one of the rooftop cameras and arlington. the storms will roll through. will we stop the animation on the very last friend look what we found a. just about now you will see lightning. that was a couple miles west of
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the studio. the have been small slow moving torrential rains. look at the areas of red. that is where the heaviest rain is. the rain continues to be north and northwest. it is all moving in this direction as you can see coming across northeast washington. getting ready to go into areas up 16th street on the north side of town. it is all drifting this way. we did not have a lot of future development toward southern maryland just yet. these are developing overhead. we still have a few more hours of showers and downpours to deal with as we have through wednesday evening. 66 is the morning low. as far as temperatures go, we were in the late 80's. the rainfall mocked us down into the 60's and 70's.
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-- knocked assistant down into the 60's and 70's. we will see even warmer weather as we had it through the rest of the week. a couple of rainfall totals for you, 88 hundredths of an inch. over 1 inch in fredericksburg. too much causes flooding. that is a concern over the next half hour or so. the key to building in the center of the country will spread eastward and we will be the recipients of that. for the moment we are still under the influence. low-level some -- systems spending and spending. it will open the door to the warm air for the holiday weekend. 65 and monday. 83 with a 40% chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. partly cloudy and hot. sunday memorial day partly
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cloudy and a bit on the human side. better chances of storms by tuesday. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealeers. moving you forward. >> i didn't know if we will have fireworks but everybody is waiting to see. everybody is fired up because it is the first time bryce harper has faced 10 cents he beamed him that. the first time they ever faced. 93 miles -- it come on. harper did not do anything to generate a beanball. he said he did it on purpose. he was suspended five games for this. here we go again. >> that is how it is. like a said before, hamilton is a great pitcher. he once 12-15 games a year. he is an unbelievable athletes.
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the whole organization is great. no worries. >> harper has played well and gives the team energy. last night he rented his shot against the wall. he also singled and it knocked and two brands. he played well in the outfield. the nationals have won six in a row. while they are in first place, how about the orioles? the orioles are in the first place in the american league east. let's pick it up in the top of the eighth. the batter takes zero day back to ireland. --o'day back to ireland. the plight of the day comes from the rangers a's game. he is out there. a great to play. that is the play of the day. what a throw.
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for football fans these are exciting times for the redskins. the off-season as always a great time of expectations and the redskins are fired up. it also resigned fletcher who said when they traded up to get griffin, he knew he wanted to come back. when he said this rex grossman was 20 feet away. what's going into another year without having a quarterback was not appealing to me. when they were able to make the trade, that definitely made the situation a lot brighter as far as coming back here. i have had enough years of other stuff. >>rex grossman right under the bus. >> the capitals are done, but the phoenix finished off los angeles -- the kings finished off the next. they are heading to the stanley
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cup finals. his mother is a math teacher at the school and was not entertain the. she made this will hold the diploma until he cleaned up the auditorium after the graduation ceremony. >> that mom is tough.
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>> an innocent taxicab bride is turning into anything but for some writers. a rash of taxicab attacks by cabbiers on their passengers. the report you will only see on 7 at 11:00. cox more showers and storms and lightning flashes. more showers and storms moving from east to west across the region. things will settle down later tonight. more storms possible tomorrow. still, it is hot and humid. bob ryan will have a lot more when he joins you tonight at 11:00. >> looking forward to that. >> see you back at 11:00.
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